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Tibbit and Frank (Spring Fling Contest)

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Tibbit and Frank were best frog friends, but they quibbled quite a bit. Today’s little spat was over Frank’s future-telling skills.

“Didn’t I say a blackbird would sing loudly in the next ten seconds?” Frank said with a wink. “And what do you hear right now?”

“A song sparrow,” said Tibbit.

“What?” Frank croaked. “That was a red-winged blackbird!”

“I know a song sparrow when I hear one!” Tibbit replied.

“Well…” Frank snatched a fly and gulped it down. “It sang loudly, so it counts.”

As the spring winds picked up, Tibbit glanced at the cherry blossom tree swaying behind them. “Okay, well, it’s gonna snow down on us soon.”

“What? It’s seventy degrees!” said Frank.

And sure enough, within a minute they were surrounded by falling pink petals.

Tibbit smiled.

“Those are flowers,” said Frank.

“They snowed down on us, didn’t they?” Tibbit said. “So it counts!”

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