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WD 89th Annual-2019-WinnerSeals-Winner.jpg
  • "City Girl Stargazing" Spaceports & Spidersilk, June 2022

  • "The Books of Timbuktu" (including sidebar article), Cricket magazine, February 2022

  • "What I Missed" Balloons Lit. Journal, October 2019

  • "Turning" Balloons Lit. Journal, October 2019

  • "A World…" Alive Now Magazine, November/December 2014

  • "The Explorer" Fun for Kidz Magazine, July/August 2014

View of Moon limb with Earth rising on the horizon. Footprints as an evidence of people be
  • "Partings" Writer's Digest 89th Annual Writing Competition, Honorable Mention, August 2020 

  • "The Invisible Girl" Shine Brightly Magazine, March 2018

  • "The Charmed Life of Darla Watson" The Binnacle, January 2004

  • "Stuffed Lizard" Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, July/August/September 2004

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