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Dogwood and Holly (Spring Fling 2021)

Crocus flowers quivering in the wind
GIF courtesy of Giphy

Below is my GIF-inspired entry for the 2021 Spring Fling Kidlit Contest, clocking in at just under 150 words. A big thanks to Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O'Neal for hosting again!

Dogwood and Holly

Dogwood smiled at the last lump of snow melting in the yard.

“Soon I’ll be the best dressed tree on Woodley Street,” he said, proud of his budding branches. “You other trees only wish you could bloom as beautifully as I do.”

“No thanks,” Holly said from the other side of the flower patch. “I prefer my luscious leaves that stay green all year. In winter you’re a scraggly mess!”

Dogwood scoffed. “At least I don’t have prickly edges!”

Holly gasped. “Well, at least my bark doesn’t look like alligator skin!”

The trees hushed as a boy and his grandmother stopped by the yard.

“Ooo, they’re my favorite!” the boy said, pointing down. “I love their purple color!” Then he walked on without saying a word about the trees.

The little crocuses in the flower patch looked up at Dogwood and Holly, waved their purple petals, and giggled.

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1 Comment

Kaitlyn Sanchez
Kaitlyn Sanchez
Apr 04, 2021

Lol! What a great ending, thanks for sharing with us for Spring Fling Kidlit Contest! Sincerely, Kaitlyn

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