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From the Rejection Files...

Okay, so I’ve had various versions of this blog post lurking inside my computer for months. The first one came across too gloomy, but my revisions all sounded like those “You can do it!” pieces that frankly irritate me.

So I decided to write a poem. Why? For one, I’ve been brushing up on my poetry lately, so my mind’s already in that mode. Also, I think I can manage more frequent blog posts if I choose to write them in verse.

Anyway, here it goes.


With shaky finger, racing heart,

Novice Writer taps the pop-up

message, and learns they’ve been


Another gets a postcard punch

or envelope they inked and stamped

and hoped would never find its way

back home.

Pathways blocked, dreams denied,

some will toss their hands with

nonchalance belying pain—

and just give up.

Yet others,

hurt but spurred, with things to prove

(or nothing else worthwhile to do),

change, recast, create anew

and more denials come.

Through all the pinpricks, ego slaps,

True Writer doubts but carries on

as layers thin as onion skin,

thicken bit by bit.

Then suddenly, SUCCESS!

Hope and light surround the body,

fires kindle in the heart,

dreams begin to ponder

heights unknown!

That is, until that day arrives

when someone yanks the plug—

and hope and light and dreams

will end...for some.

Yet others,

bruised but driven, pricked but prodded

answer “No!” with earnest work.

Achievement may be redefined

but still they realize over time

“Denied!” might simply signify

“Not yet.”

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